Deflating the top 7 myths you might have heard about the Hollard JUMA

The upcoming edition of Johannesburg’s most unique urban mountain bike adventure, the Hollard JUMA, promises something to talk about. You’ve seen the posts on Instagram, Facebook and all the noise online about how great the Hollard JUMA is. But hang on, what is it that you’ve heard? The hushed whispers, the watercooler chatter – that story you heard from one guy’s friend’s uncle. We’ve all heard them, we all know them but, today, it’s time to stop believing them. Today we will be debunking the top 7 myths about the Hollard JUMA.

Myth 1: Storm water drains and muddy trails? This race sounds really dirty.

Truth: While part of the appeal of the Hollard JUMA is its unique route that takes riders through the underbelly of the Johannesburg green belt, the race is anything but dirty. Since its inception, the Hollard JUMA has been in partnership with the Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo in various clean-up projects as well as throwing Bokashi Balls into the Spruit to purify the water, thus making it safer, not only for riders, but the many dozens of people who commute through the area daily.

Myth 2: It sounds really interesting but I’m not really a hardcore cyclist

Truth: The Hollard JUMA styles itself as an “everyone is welcome” race. There are a variety of route choices like the 22km, which is manageable for casual and even beginner riders. You will not feel out of place at all as many riders cycle at a relaxed pace, taking in the sights and sounds of the city.

Myth 3: The Hollard JUMA sounds too dangerous for me

Truth: Any pedal is hazardous in the wrong hands- err, wrong feet. Over the years, race organisers have worked passionately on working and reworking a route that would be both engaging and challenging for riders. At the same time, the organisers worked tirelessly to a high standard of safety at the Hollard JUMA. Nonetheless, nothing can be done for people who ride too far out of their comfort zones. In truth, a race is only as dangerous as you make it.

Myth 4: 72km? That is far too long a ride for me.

Truth: Yes, you have probably heard about the Hollard JUMA’s all-new 72km Punisher route, which we introduced to push some of the more advanced riders of the race. It is well

worth it if you are up for the challenge. If that is a few Km’s too far, no need to worry, there are the kiddies 1 or 2km race, 10km race for novice and youth riders as well as the classic 22km and 54km routes.

Myth 5: Unfortunately, I can’t cycle anymore, I have a family now.

Truth: The truth is that the Hollard JUMA is actually the perfect event for you. Throughout the race weekend, Marks Park is home to the Hollard Adventure Day Village. The village will have food stalls, live entertainment and a fully designated kiddies play area amongst other things. In fact, if it’s a fun day out for the family you are looking for, then look no further than the Hollard JUMA.

Myth 6: Why participate in the Hollard JUMA when I can ride through the Spruit every day?

Truth: While it’s true that you can ride parts of the Spruit by yourself, the truth is, that is only a fraction of the race experience. The Hollard JUMA organisers have worked tirelessly to create a unique event that showcases Joburg city. From race specific scaffolding bridges, stormwater drains, previously inaccessible park sections, 700m underground tunnel, as well as the music, prizes, sponsor stalls and so much more, it is an experience you would be hard pressed to find elsewhere.

Myth 7: The race is a little bit too expensive for me

Truth: If you consider everything you get for the price of your entry ticket, some might even consider this a steal. With over R1.5 Million spent on infrastructure and route maintenance alone, there is a lot that goes into creating the experience we call the Hollard JUMA. Factor in the race marshals, tunnel lighting, route marking and road closures and you’ll realise just how much you are getting with just your entry ticket alone.

The Hollard Jozi Urban Mountain Bike Adventure (Hollard JUMA) in partnership with Joburg City Parks and Zoo is Jozi’s most exciting urban mountain biking adventure, starting & ending at Marks Park, Emmarentia on Sunday, 25 August 2019. The event offers a 10km, 22km, 54km and a 72km Punisher route.

Online entries for the Hollard JUMA have officially closed, but you’ll still be able to enter at Registration at Cycle Lab in Fourways on 22 & 23 August 2019. The first 1000 people to register for the Hollard JUMA, will win a pair of limited edition SOX. Come through anytime between 9:30 and 17:00 on either day to register! For more information, visit