Extreme MTB racing defined by Bezhoek Extreme

Extreme beauty, extreme terrain, extreme views, extreme hills and extreme fun all in one extreme MTB event. Bezhoek Extreme MTB Festival 2019

Now in it’s 2nd year, the Bezhoek Extreme organisers have set a new benchmark for “tough” mountain bike racing according to those who have ridden it. The organisers promised extreme and they definitely delivered extreme trails along with a complete two-day stage race recipe that works.

“Our biggest challenge was that we are living in a country where mountain bike riders are spoiled for choice. We’re at a time where new events are popping up like magic mushrooms. Established organizers have every angle covered, catering for everybody from the weekend warrior, to the experienced and hardcore.

We needed a different approach. We had to execute whatever we were going to do in such a way that nobody would be either able, or willing, to copy it. It meant that we couldn’t simply join the field and try to play the game with everybody else, we had to play a different game on a different field. We had to create a challenge and an experience at the same time. We decided to venture into territories long forgotten.” race director Róan Rossouw

The not-so-secret-ingredient-anymore to what makes these trails so tough and unique? The Bezuidenhoutshoek Farm – a hidden natural gem in Middleburg, untouched by mountain bikers until now. Participants of the Bezhoek Extreme MTB Festival can experience these extreme hidden trails, climbs, wild life and beautiful views.

This two-day MTB festival offers different race distance options for you to choose from but don’t be fooled by thinking the shorter distances are any easier. Day 1 was a pure rock fest! The longer distance Extreme Challenge riders were taken on a route which left them all speechless…after they recovered a bit from what they just experienced earlier that day they could not stop talking about the challenging terrain, technical features, the animals and of course the climbs! The views on both day 1 and 2 were spectacular for those who took a minute to look up. Day 2 was a fast but still a furious day of racing with a serious climb near the start which caught most riders walking it out.

The Olifants River Lodge served as race village and delivered first class hospitality to all riders and their families. This was one enjoyable event and can definitely be ranked amongst the most toughest races on the South African mountain biking calendar. Can they make it any tougher? Let’s wait and see!