Young Riders Steal the Show at the Hollard JUMA 2019

Widely known as one of the most unique mountain biking experiences in South Africa – and potentially the world. The fifth instalment of the Hollard JUMA, which took place on Sunday, 25th of August, at Marks Park, Emmarentia, once again exceeded expectations and left riders of all ages wanting more.

The Hollard JUMA, in partnership with Joburg City Parks and Zoo, takes you out of the office and onto your favourite Jozi trails. The 2km, 10km, 22km, 54km and 72km Punisher routes are built to explore the hidden gems, and unique city features, ultimately creating a mountain bike race for the whole family to enjoy.

The morning was filled with the energy of over 2000 riders young and old ready to tackle the various distances. This year saw a heartwarming number of young riders from the ages of 5 through to 15 who participated in the shorter distance options.

Louise Gordon, Business Development and Stakeholder Manager for Joburg City Parks and Zoo, who also took part in the race, was especially amazed by the young riders. “What I loved seeing along the route was little kids as young as five and six, doing the 22km with their parents. I’ve actually never seen that many families out and about having a great time together at a mountain bike race. It’s good to know that people see, and get to experience, the value of the parks and green spaces the city has available.”

“It is great to see such a diverse collection of people who spend the day enjoying our city. From the female riders, who were on form today, to older riders to really young kids, all participating in the Hollard JUMA. It was a real treat. Usually, mountain bike

races are out in the countryside. The Hollard JUMA takes you through the city instead. Giving you a new perspective and showing off everything Jozi has to offer. This is exactly why we love this event,” shares Heidi Brauer, Hollard Chief Marketing Executive.

“We have had a lot of positive feedback and reviews from the riders, another year with no major incidents, which we work to decrease year on year. It was particularly great to see the new shorter distances do so well. Overall, it was just a great day out for young and old. A day to enjoy, not just mountain biking, but a new side of the city,” concludes Russell Willis, Event Organiser, BAM Event & Activation Creators.

Keep your eyes peeled, there is still prizes up for grabs for the Best Rider Videos to be announced on Facebook. Find all the latest images and excitement from the weekend on social media by following us on or on Twitter @JUMAMTB. Images can be purchased from Jetline Action Photo HERE To view your results visit FinishTime HERE

The Hollard JUMA will be back in 2020.


Open Men

1. Timo Cooper 02:49:40

2. William Mokgopo 02:52:09

3. Thabiso Rengane 02:52:16

Open Women

1. Karien Alberts 03:27:59

2. Mirelle Koster 04:27:06

3. Melissa Chaney 04:27:07


Sub Vets Men

1. Bryan Beneke 02:26:10

2. Andrew Poluta 02:39:26

3. Craig Bridgett 02:40:51

Sub Vet Women

1. Charmaine Kotze 03:39:47

2. Ine Kuijen 03:47:36

3. Greer Marthinusen 03:52:26

Vets Men

1. David Coche 02:12:43

2. Mark Jackson 02:33:27

3. Andre Terlouw 02:33:50

Vets Women

1. Julie Van Lelyveld 02:57:37

2. Estie Van Heerden 03:01:47

3. Valari Bontekoning 03:21:11

Masters Men

1. David Welman 03:24:10

2. Clive Betty 02:47:40

3. Pikkie Saayman 02:53:24

Masters Women

1. Mariette Hodgen 03:17:14

2. Hannatjie Mcwilliam 04:07:11

Grand Masters Men

1. Wim Bronkhorst 03:20:33

2. Nicholas Snyman 03:28:13

3. Jannie Kruger 03:43:58


Male U11

1. Aarin Forbes 00:44:09

2. Liam Sounders 00:46:38

3. Hanlo Van Heerden 00:49:15

Female U11

1. Isabella Davids 01:15:55

2. Talla Confait 01:18:09

Male U13

1. Qhawe Fipaza 00:46:37

2. Gustav Dirk Roller 00:59:53

3. Ethan Classen 01:11:30

Male U15

1. Nika Duffin 00:51:31

2. Matthew Symm 00:51:53

3. Alexandra Daehnke 00:55:55

Female U15

1. Kita Uys 00:53:41

2. Mbali Tshabalala 01:19:01

3. Zoe Devine 01:20:16

Male U17

1. Bertie Emmett Anderson 00:42:11

2. Phillip Sander 00:53:42

3. Brandon Alberts 00:54:44

Female U17

1. Kathleen Baker 00:54:46

2. Lauriesian Brett 00:57:10

3. Kelly Johnson 01:23:26

Parent & Child – 22km

1. Bertie Emmett Anderson and Bertus Anderson 00:50:50

2. Luc White, Thomas White and Nic White 01:13:20

3. Conner Sears and Gareth Sears 01:16:56

Parent & Child – 54km

1. Etienne Kros and Charles Kros 03:10:30

2. Nico Pieterse and Leandro Pieterse 03:16:48