Hollard JUMA will allow Sock Doping

Sock doping is not exactly what it sounds like. So if it’s not about smoking your socks, what’s all the hype about? Wearing standard white anklets is a thing of the past… pre-2016 at least! Stepping up your sock style is known as sock doping, so we’ve put together all you need to know about it and why the Hollard JUMA is pro sock doping.

It’s fun, funky and essential

If you’ve never experimented with sock doping, you’ll be asking yourself why at this point. But honestly, why not! Sock doping is a beautiful balance of comfort and confidence. Just because it’s not part technically part of your speed-enhancing kit, doesn’t mean it can’t make a difference in how you look and feel on the trail. It’s not like you’re going to hit the trail with no socks anyway so you might as well pick something snazzy.

Does material matter?

Yes! If you’ve ever experienced that post-ride funky feet scenario (we’re not talking about the right kind of funky here) what material your socks are made of, makes a difference. So when you’re getting into the sock doping trend don’t just go bright colours and pretty patterns, make sure they add to your riding experience. When you make your next purchase, look for the perfect combo of cool and well, cool. Bamboo fibre socks are a good pick because they contain antibacterial microbes, super-absorbent properties and breathable fibres which will keep those feet pleasantly dry and smelling good.

Choosing the right height

Triathletes are all about compression socks, but as a mountain biker, you may want to avoid this for the style sake. Professional riders, recommend a sock height of 12-16cm. So it goes just below your mid-calf. This is the most attractive sock style to go for because it really highlights those calf muscles. For those more low key, the anklet style is most famous for peekaboo colours, this height will have you looking slick as you cruise downhill but in a more subtle way.

There’s no right or wrong

Don’t get caught up in what’s on-trend or what’s hot in your riding group, whatever works for you, works! You can get almost any pattern and any design for your socks whether you just want a pair of shocking lumo yellow anklets or a pair of beer branded calf-cuts. There is a style that matches every riding persona out there. Ultimately, the real excitement in sock doping comes from standing out, feeling good and adding to your rider flair.

Sock doping might sound a bit extreme, but the Hollard JUMA will allow it. So whether your riding style is calf cutters or secret socks, patterned or plain, sock doping can give you or your team that extra pep on the 10km, 22km, 54km or 72km route. Get ready to wear your funky pair at the Hollard JUMA on Sunday, 25th of August. Online entries for the Hollard JUMA have officially closed, but you’ll still be able to enter at Registration at Cycle Lab in Fourways on 22 & 23 August 2019. The first 1000 people to register for the Hollard JUMA, will win a pair of limited edition SOX. Come through anytime between 9:30 and 17:00 on either day to register!

For more information, visit www.joziadventure.co.za.