Nedbank Imvelo MTB Classic ignites the passion between mountainbikers and wildlife conservation

We take a visual look back at an iconic MTB race nestled in the mountains of the beautiful Eswatini, the Nedbank Swaziland’s Imvelo MTB Classic. Starting as Ngulube MTB Classic, the first mountain bike race in Swaziland in 2000, this annual bike race changed its name to Imvelo MTB Classic in 2004.

Swaziland (now Eswatini) which borders South Africa and Mozambique, is known for its wilderness reserves including Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary , home to the Imvelo classic. The Imvelo MTB Classic raises funds for community and conservation projects linked to Big Game Parks. It showcases Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary as a wonderful outdoor destination for families. 

The name ‘Mlilwane’ (‘Little Fire’ in siSwati) was derived from the numerous fires started by lightning strikes on the Mlilwane Hill but now holds significance as the little fire that ignited the conservation movement in Swaziland. After experiencing this race yourself for the first time, you will definitely be ignited with a fire in you to go ride it again and again as this special landscape draws you closer to its beauty.

Let the photos speak for themselves and we hope to see more of you there next year!

Nedbank Imvelo MTB Classic

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